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What to expect from your Chiroyogi experience:

As a board certified chiropractic sports physician, Dr. Jessie addresses injuries that you might not expect a chiropractor to. Bring in your shoulders, hips, elbows, knees, and toes!! 

Dr. Jessie uses a variety of techniques to adjust the joints of the body including the Thompson drop table and the activator.  Her specialty is muscle release technique, which relaxes tight muscles to relieve pressure on joints. 

Unlike many chiropractors, Dr. Jessie does not believe that bones are more important than muscles when it comes to injuries, so she also addresses the muscular component.  

YOGA TIME!!! Dr. Jessie has a database of 150+ individually filmed yoga therapy poses that are used in conjunction with her hands-on -care.  She gets patients excited about helping themselves and being active in their own care! 

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