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Chiroyogi is a healing approach that teaches you to be more aware of your own body.  After diagnosing your injury and treating it with hands on therapy, you will be given specific yoga postures and postural cues to integrate into your daily life.  Dr. Jessie believes that long term results require an enhanced awareness of your own body and she teaches that to every patient.  Be prepared to learn, appreciate your body more, and live your beautiful life


Yoga teaches you self-awareness.  You don't have to take on yoga as a new hobby, in order to reap its immense benefits. 


Dr. Jessie customizes a yoga plan for each of her patients.  She ensures that you are doing it correctly and provides you with a link for a video that you can follow along with.  


Ideally your yoga poses will take you between 5-12 minutes a day.  You will be surprised at how amazing you feel by integrating this chiroyogi formula into your life.  

Dr. Jessie Painter- sports chiropractor and yoga teacher. 

Dr. Jessie, as her patients call her, grew up in Virginia Beach on the Chesapeake Bay.  She graduated from the University of Virginia as a Biology major and then moved to Florida where she worked as an ocean lifeguard for 2 years, before landing at Palmer College of Chiropractic.  While in Chiropractic school she balanced her studying with surfing and yoga.  

The love of the ocean and of surfing brought her to California where she started Chiroyogi in 2011.  

In addition to working with athletes in her office, she also coaches the JV girls swim team at Corona Del Mar High School, where she educates them on healthy lifestyles, yoga, and swimming of course!! 

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